My Stupid Boss The Movie

After months of rumors regarding a potential release date for the movie adapted from my book, My Stupid Boss is finally coming to theatres in Indonesia on May 19th, 2016.

The release date for Malaysia theatre is still being discussed and hopefully we could hear a good news soon. 

Just like in the books, none of the characters in this movie is naturally funny. The situation makes the whole things funny. The first impulse is to play up the humor, the awkwardness, the ridiculousness, the anger, and the stress. Reza Rahardian, Bunga Citra Lestari, Alex Abab, Bront Palarae and the whole players collaborated naturally to exploit every scene of the comedy story took place in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, for as many laughs as possible.

Words from myself as the Author, though I missed out the shooting as it was not possible for me to fly to Kuala Lumpur at the time, missed out so many chances to meet them and to see how did they make the movie, after tiresome meetings with HB Naveen and Erica of Falcon and most of the time, the Director, Upi Avianto, I am glad we could come up with one whole story that fits my expectation. I know it is not easy and love you for the efforts, Mbak Upi muuuaaahhh!

Thank you guys. And oh! You! You! You! Go to cinema and watch! 

Be there or be square ^.~



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