MSB5 signature edition is sold out

Yaaaasss! Love you my Indonesian fellas! You guys rawk! Gue tanda tangan 500 lembar utk jadi buku itu sampai begadang jangan begadang. And now I have to sign the second batch of another 500 books as confirmed by my Publisher. This time they are gonna fly directly to see me. That's one of the obstacles of not living in Indonesia ya. Well... sorry for that :)

Signing books is tough for me. Soalnya gue kan kerja juga. Jadi cuman bisa tanda tangan kalo malem. Di kantor juga sih ngumpet2 takut diliat si Boss kan. Entar jadinya gini..

"Kamu ngapain? Tanda tangan apaan tuh?"
"Oh enggak. Lagi nyoba pulpen baru. Pulpen hotel dari Bapak kaaaan. Hotel apa nih... woooh.. hotel Swediaaaa."
"Oh ya ya bagus kan?"

Blogger, I am just a blogger. The fact I published my blog to books does not make me an Author.

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